11 April 2009

A few more tools worth mentioning...

These aren't really big investment items like my last post, but are handy to have on hand for any Frugal Monster.

A crockpot ~ these are a dime a dozen during yard sale season. I currently have one that I purchased two years ago for $5. My other one finally pooped out so I'm on the hunt again this year. My ultimate goal is to have a 2 qt. A 4 qt and a 6 qt. I also have an 18 qt roasting oven/slow cooker that I got for Christmas this year. I haven't used it yet, but I'm excited to try that one out.

A food scale. Again, these are hot yard sale items and come in handy when you buy in bulk and want to divide food up for the freezer.

Various sizes of pyrex/freezer dishes. When you freeze a casserole in a dish, once its frozen you can pop the food out of the dish and use the Food Saver to keep it in the freezer. Thus freeing up your dishes. When you remove the casserole and the Food Saver bag, just set the frozen meal back into the dish to thaw.

Extra Large Mixing bowl (or two)...again, when you buy and cook in bulk having room to mix things comes in handy.

That's about it for now. Stay tuned as I plan to share some recipes later this weekend. Yum.....

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