20 May 2009

I went to the grocery store yesterday...

...and promptly forgot to take a picture of my loot before putting it away. OOPS. Sorry. Anyhoo, I purchased 18 packs of Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers and 10 (4) packs of Yo-Plus yogurt. Grand total: $4.00
WHAT?! How did I do that? Easy, my local grocery store often has deals through General Mills or other various manufactures where if you buys x amout of participating products you get $x back. This week it was a General Mills promotion and if you spent $10 you got $4 back.
The vegetables were 3/$5. Making them $1.00 if you bought 6 of them. The yogurt was 2/$5.00. Making them $1.50 each if you bought 4 of them.
I bought 18 vegetables and used 18 $1.00 off of 1 coupons.
I bought 10 yogurts using 10 $1.00 off of 1 coupons.
I also used 3 "double coupons" (my store's max limit per transaction). If I hadn't had the kids with me I would have broken up the transactions using more double coupons, but they were too wild yesterday for me to sit and figure out how many items I would have needed per transaction.
Now, here's a lesson. My coupons came in the mail yesterday and the sale ended yesterday. I didn't take the time I normally do to sit and figure out my total before leaving. I had 10 of the yogurt coupons ($1/1) but I also have a stack of the same coupon, only its worth $.50/1. I could have purchased two more yogurts and not changed my total. I had an odd number of yogurts in relation to the promotion. Buying two more (adding $5.00) to my bill would have netted me one more $4.00 off promotion. Which would have effectively only added $1.00 to my total. I then would have used two $.50 coupons, cancelling out that additional dollar.
Does this make sense at all? I hope so, taking a just a few moments a few times per week has allowed me to completely stock my pantry and freezers with food that I've literally paid penny's for. I can feed my family out of what we already own and only go to the store for those perfect sales.
Please let me know if you have any questions and I will answer them in another post.

18 May 2009

We're not dead

Phew...its been a rough couple of weeks. We aren't dead. I have some fun things to share with you guys, just gotta get unpacked from our weekend away with family and then I'll be back :)