29 March 2009

Frugal vs Cheap

I hear the word "cheap" thrown around quite a bit when talking about my frugal ways. It doesn't bother me when my friends call me cheap, as most often its a term of endearment. And I'm ok with that. :-)

However, I've given a lot of thought to the two words and there is a difference. I'm frugal, but I'm not cheap. To me, cheap is spending the least amount of money, not matter what, at all times. And I don't do that. Frugal is prioritizing what's important to you and chosing wisely where to spend your money. For instance, I spend almost an extra dollar per gallon of milk because its important to my family that we drink organic, rBST free milk. Is this the "cheap" milk? No. Keeping my family healthy and strong saves us money in the long run. A frugal person understands this, a cheap person would have a heart attack!

**another frugal way to save money ~ TOYS!! Who needs blocks when you have old VHS videos?!? (I'm only kidding, my kids DO have blocks. Hundreds of them.....)***(oh, and just ignore the mess behind them. I'm supposed to be cleaning today, but I'm playing on blogger instead)


  1. Yay, I'm glad you started this one! :) By the way, fix the HTML for the button on your regular blog and on this one--both of them have http in them twice, so the address doesn't go anywhere.

    ~ Sarah

  2. The old tapes are a great idea!!! LOL When my son was small, I saved empty food boxes, covered them with contact paper I found at Goodwill and he had blocks of all shapes and sizes. When they got crushed, out they went.